Persian Kittens For Sale by the world’s most Luxurious Persian Kitten Breeders in the USA. We offer ChampionshipDesigner Persian Kittens & Persian Cats. We take pride in raising Beautiful Healthy Kittens in our cageless-no cat enclosures home where the needs of our Kittens are at the forefront of all we do. All our Persian Kittens & Persian Cats are members of our family and cared and loved for as our own children.

Persian Kittensare Designer Persian Kittens that have very distinct looks~sweet wide open faces, full kissable cheeks, & big round expressive crystal blue eyes also unique to us The Baby Doll Face Persian Kittens. We are CFA breeder breeding the Baby Doll Face Persian kittens. All our Kittens have plush, elegant, long full and glossy coats, thick full lions manes-also called “rough,” & flowing thick tails. We have worked to “Design” a persian kitten that meets Champion Persian persian kittensBreed Standards without extreme faces! ***(anytime you see a CH before our Persian Cat’s name that means that Cat has won the title of Champion).


Persian Kittens for sale

Our Persian Kittens aren’t the “Doll Face” Persians Kittens that most breeders have with long narrow faces which actually look more like Ragdoll and Birman Cats. Our Designer Persian Kittens have pleasing round cute kitten faces which they keep as they turn into grown Persian Cats. Our persian kittens are the most adorable and loving kittens you’ll ever experience. Not only are our persian kittens lap kittens that purr as soon as they are touched, they are also very playful, outgoing & attentive, and love to follow you around~they act a lot like little puppies!

We provide each new Persian Kitten owner with an extensive Kitten Placement Package.

  • A kitten that has already been spayed or neutered
  • A kitten that is already registered with the CFA
  • A Five-year written health/genetic guarantee
  • A six-year HCM guarantee
  • A kitten that has been microchipped
  • Age appropriate vaccinations and wormings
  • A copy pf the PKD1 negative certificate for the ancestors of your kitten
  • A Healthy Start Pack of food for your kitten
  • Information on grooming, feeding and care of your kitten
  • My open-door policy of on-going support for your kitten

Socialized Persian Kittens

Persian kittens are introduced to children and other family pets early so they will get along in all family situations. Our persian kittens are patient & tolerant with children. We have no alpha, or dominant personalities. Under no circumstance is a kitten or cat at The Persian Kittens ever disciplined! There is no need to when a kitten is in a stress free home & knows only love and positive reinforcement. Our persian kittens are well behaved and make loving, affectionate, devoted loyal family companions.

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